SOCHI SCENE: Wagner's Valentine

Ashley Wagner's sour face is already a top Sochi Games meme, so the American figure skater is hoping it can play cupid, too.

Wagner tweeted a picture of a Valentine's Day card Friday similar to the small cards traded in grade school all over her home country, with her face and the message: "You won't be disappointed with your score this Valentine's Day."

Her message to go along with the picture: "From Russia (kind of) with love...Happy Valentine's Day Twitter ! Xoxo"

See the tweet here:

Wagner's expression (and colorful utterance) became an Internet sensation after she reacted to her short program score during the team figure skating competition.

She quickly became this year's unimpressed McKayla Maroney, the gymnast who became known for her purse-lipped smirk at the London Games.

TiVo said it was the one moment people rewound the most from the weekend, and Facebook said it was one of the most talked about subjects on the social network.

— By Oskar Garcia — Twitter


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