SOCHI SCENE: Torah and the trifecta

Good on ya, Torah Bright.

Australia's most famous snowboarder completed her history-making Winter Olympics trifecta — the first rider to compete in three disciplines.

Slopestyle. Halfpipe. And on Sunday, she finished 18th in snowboardcross. Every bit as importantly, she walked off the course unscathed.

"So scary," she said. "Snowboardcross is my toughest one. It's absolutely brutal."

Bright won't walk away from the Sochi Games empty-handed. She won the silver medal in the event she calls "her pet" — the halfpipe, where she won the gold medal in 2010. She also finished seventh in slopestyle.

She said the mission wasn't so much about the medals as giving all the events a try — a way to prove something to herself, while also spreading the word about the wonders of snowboarding to a country that has a short winter season and not a ton of terrain.

Maybe the next Torah Bright is watching this somewhere Down Under. Maybe they'll meet four years from now.

"It is absolutely brutal, but would I go through it again?" she said. "Why not? It's good fun."

— By Eddie Pells — Twitter


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