Report: New info could help Taylor

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The 16-year-old prostitute whose claims about having sex with fallen football star Lawrence Taylor led to a rape charge against him bragged to a friend about making "easy money" because "I didn't even have to f*** him," a source told New York Post in remarks published Wednesday.

The friend, who drove with the hooker to meet former New York Giants star Taylor that night, has given a sworn statement that the girl told her immediately afterward that the Hall of Famer merely engaged in masturbation before paying her $300 -- not sexual intercourse or oral sex, said the source.

If what the friend said was true, the source noted, "that clears him of rape-3" -- the third-degree rape charge lodged against Taylor, 51, for the May 6 tryst in a Rockland County hotel.

"This is reasonable doubt," said the source, noting that there has to be sexual intercourse with an underage person to sustain that felony charge.

The friend -- a stripper who lived with the prostitute and accused pimp Rasheed Davis in The Bronx -- told investigators she has come forward to contradict the 16-year-old's version to police because of "three things: they didn't have sex, she's lying, and he's innocent," according to the source.

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