Report: Man buys WS ticket for $6

We've heard of all kinds of crazy mark-ups for tickets to major sports events in the online resale market.

But $6 for a World Series ticket? That's a new one.

On Monday night, Deadspin posted photos from a user claiming he purchased one ticket to a game in the upcoming World Series for $6 on StubHub . He actually apparently paid only $3 for the actual ticket, but got stiffed at the checkout window with a $1 service fee and $2 delivery fee.

How could this have happened? Well, there are a variety of possibilities. But considering a similar ticket on StubHub is going for close to $800, the lucky man now has quite a dilemma. Go to the game and count his blessings, or re-sell the ticket and, unlike the sucker he got one over on, count his cash.

For photos of the ticket and confirmation screen, as well as details of which game and which ballpark the tickets are for, please click here .

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