Referee cams could make their debuts during WNBA broadcasts this season

Looking to give viewers something extra during broadcasts, WNBA officials could be wearing cameras as early as this season.

WNBA President Laurel Richie said the cameras will make their debuts as soon as technology details are worked out.

The use of the referee cams was first disclosed in March when the league announced the extension of its broadcasting deal with ESPN.

The cameras will allow viewers to see what officials see throughout the games. Microphones may also be added to hear interaction between the officials and players and coaches.

After initially looking to place the small cameras on an official's shirt, Richie said the camera will be placed somewhere on the head. The details are still being worked out and tested, but Richie said there are three options being looked at on how to attach the camera, such as a hat or visor, glasses, or a type of elastic strap.