Rare Card of Phenom Stephen Strasburg Reaches $16,000 on eBay

One Virginia man just pulled this year's "holy grail" of rookie cards.

Leonard Kim pulled the rookie card of Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg out of a baseball card package, and now, bidding for the card on eBay has reached $16,000.

What makes the card so special is that it's the only Bowman superfractor card of Strasburg.

"To get a superfractor, there is one in 11,000 packs, 150 different players. So the odds of pulling him is one in one and a half million," Kim told MyFoxDC.com.

Despite being an avid collector, Kim says he's looking to cash in on the card.

"I've been collecting cards a long time. I know when to sell something when the guy is hot," Kim told MyFoxDC.com.

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