President Obama honors Giants at White House

President Barack Obama honored the 2012 World Series champion San Francisco Giants at the White House Monday.

"In 2010, it took five games to close out the World Series," the President said. "This year it only took four. There are some new faces standing behind me, some new nicknames. You got the "Reverend" (Hunter Pence). You've got "Blockbuster" (Marco Scutaro).

"We've even got new haircuts," Obama said, referring to Tim Lincecum. "There he is. See, you don't even recognize him anymore."

Obama announced next season the Giants are planning to turn the centerfield bleachers at AT&T Park into what���s believed to be the first ever edible garden in a major American sports facility.

"With rows of kale and strawberries and eggplant, the Giants are going to help encourage local youth to eat healthy -- even at the ballpark," the President said.

"I should add, even Michelle would say it's okay to have a hot dog once in a while, though. I don't want everybody to get carried away and think they have to have kale every time they go to the ballpark."

San Francisco mayor Ed Lee and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were two of the invited guests. Hall of Famer Willie Mays was also on hand. The President congratulated Giants manager Bruce Bochy for recently reaching the 1,500-win plateau.

The Giants presented Obama a team-signed bat and ball.

"And you should know that I can't read any of their signatures," Obama said to laughter. "But it's greatly appreciated. Thank you so much."

The Giants were in the nation's capital ahead of Tuesday's series opener at Philadelphia.