Non-fourth quarter onside kicks of 2009

There were 48 onside kicks attempted in the 2009 regular and postseason. A look at the eight attempted earlier than the fourth quarter:


Sept. 20 — Leading 3-0, Kansas City's try in the first quarter is recovered by Oakland. Raiders did not score on that series.

Final score: Raiders 13, Chiefs 10.

Oct. 4 — Chiefs again. Failure again. Trailing the Giants 17-3 at halftime, Kansas City opens the third quarter with an onside kick that New York recovers and converts into a field goal.

Final score: Giants 27, Chiefs 16.

Nov. 15 — After taking a 7-0 lead at the Jets, Jacksonville goes the onside route in the first period. The Jets recover and wind up with a field goal.

Final score: Jaguars 24, Jets 22.

Nov. 22 — NFL teams fall to 0 for 4 on surprise onside kicks when Denver, down 13-3 to San Diego, tries one with 9:56 to go in the third quarter. The Chargers pounce on it and it leads to a touchdown.

Final score: Chargers 32, Broncos 3.

Nov. 29 — They just keep trying and failing. This time, the Eagles do it to open their home game against Washington. The Redskins recover and march down for a TD.

Final score: Eagles 27, Redskins 24.

Dec. 13 — Ah, success! Tampa Bay, down 19-3 to the Jets, grabs the onside kick with 4:45 to go in the third quarter. It didn't help the Bucs, who didn't score on that series.

Final score: Jets 26, Bucs 3.

Jan. 10 (playoffs) — Green Bay pulls within 31-17 with 7:20 to go in the third quarter and then recovers the onside kick, further boosting its comeback in this postseason classic. The Packers score a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

Final score: Cardinals 51, Packers 45 in OT.

Feb. 7 (Super Bowl) — Saints coach Sean Payton calls for the onside kick to open the second half. His team had gotten within 10-6 of the Colts with a field goal to conclude the opening half, and Thomas Morstead's kick is recovered by teammate Chris Reis. Pierre Thomas winds up with a 16-yard TD reception on the series, sparking the Saints to their first NFL title.

Final score: Saints 31, Colts 17.

(This version CORRECTS Corrects Hartley to Morstead in Super Bowl.)