No one wants to keep the ball in the Chargers-Lions game

The Chargers and Lions are playing a hotly-contested game of hot potato in the season opener in San Diego.

Case in point: A turnover-filled series that ended up with the Chargers in the end zone and the Lions clinching onto a slim one-point lead.

It started with a simple Melvin Gordon run up the middle. But several Lions gang-tackled the rookie, drove him to the ground, and pulled the ball out of his hands at the bottom of the pile.

Matthew Stafford failed miserably when he tried to take advantage of that giveaway. He sailed a throw right into the waiting arms of Chargers' cornerback Patrick Robinson on the ensuing play. It was his second interception on the day.

Philip Rivers has just as many turnovers on his ledger. But he was careful with the ball in finding Stevie Johnson a few plays later for a touchdown.