NBA Commissioner Stern sees no problem with teams listening in on their own players

NBA Commissioner David Stern has no problem with teams aiming microphones at their own players during games. If anything, he wants more mikes on the court.

Talking ahead of the New York Knicks' game in London against Detroit on Thursday, Stern shrugged off a report that MSG chairman James Dolan used listening devices at Madison Square Garden to record everything said to and by Carmelo Anthony.

Stern said the league and media already have mikes placed around the court and that "for my money, I'd like to see the audio track of our game be a little bit more robust."

He added that recording your own players is not against league rules and not the same as "eavesdropping" on an opponent.

The Newark Star-Ledger reported Monday that Dolan had two MSG Network audio technicians record Anthony's interactions following his suspension after exchanging words with Boston forward Kevin Garnett.