CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — NASCAR on Wednesday penalized four teams that fall under the Michael Waltrip Racing banner for violations at Texas Motor Speedway.

NASCAR said cars driven by David Reutimann, Martin Truex Jr., Max Papis and Marcos Ambrose all failed Friday's post-qualifying inspection at Texas. Reutimann and Truex's cars are owned by MWR, while Ambrose and Papis drive for teams aligned with MWR.

"NASCAR indicated we were running a part, a radiator pan, which had not been officially submitted for approval," said MWR executive vice president Cal Wells. "We accept NASCAR's ruling and will not appeal because we cannot debate whether the part was submitted, only whether or not the part needed submission. This gives us a clear line of sight on how parts need to be submitted for approval."

Among the penalties issued were $75,000 fines and season-long probation for crew chiefs Bootie Barker (Papis) and Frank Kerr (Ambrose).

Papis and Ambrose were both docked 50 championship points each, as were car owners Robert Germain and Tad Geschickter.

"While the penalty feels excessive for an apparent misunderstanding on submitting a part, we also understand NASCAR has to police the sport and rule strictly to keep a level playing field among the teams," said Geschickter, owner of Ambrose's car.

Crew chiefs Rodney Childers (Reutimann) and Pat Tryson (Truex) were both fined $25,000 and placed on probation through Dec. 31.