MLB plans to expand replay in 2014

MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced Thursday at the quarterly Owner's Meetings that Major League Baseball plans to expand instant replay beginning in the 2014 season.

For the first time, managers will have the opportunity to challenge an umpire's call. They will be allowed one challenge over the first six innings and two from the seventh inning until the conclusion of the contest.

Challenges not used within the first six innings will not carry over and if a manager wins a challenge, he will be able to retain it.

"It's worked out remarkably well. It's historic. There's no question about it," Selig said of the proposal.

Instant replay is currently being limited to just boundary calls involving home runs.

"(This is a chance) for baseball to dramatically reduce the number of incorrect calls that are made in any game that impacts the outcome of that game and hence the outcome of division races," Atlanta Braves president and a member of the replay committe John Schuerholz said. "We believe that not only is it historic, but it will be impactful and very meaningful and useful."

The proposal will be voted on by the owners in November.

A 75 percent vote by the owners is needed for approval. The Major League Baseball Players Association and the World Umpires Association also have to agree to any changes to the current system.