Normally, when a hardcore sports fan gets a tattoo, it tends to be one of a star player, a fan favorite player, or a team's logo. You would never expect a fan to get a tattoo of a club chairman, right?

Well, Middlesbrough diehard, Barry Hutt did just that.

A loyal fan of the League Championship side, Barry decided to honor Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson by getting Gibson's face inked on his back.

Sounds weird? Take a look for yourself:

On his decision, Barry told the Mirror:

"Players always get the acknowledgement but Steve Gibson isn't like anyone else. He's the main man at Middlesbrough. He's different to any other chairman. He's a fan. Nobody else would have stepped in to save a club like he did.

Putting aside his selection, we have to admit Barry's tattoo is extremely well done. Just compare the tattoo with the actual person:

Talk about attention to detail.