Mauer says he wishes he could play, turns to 2012

Joe Mauer says he's sure there's nothing wrong with him more than the pneumonia that prematurely ended his rough season.

But Mauer insisted Monday that the illness is too much for him to play, that he'd be on the field if he could.

Mauer was diagnosed with mild pneumonia on Sept. 16, and doctors recommended medication plus two weeks of rest. He came down with an upper respiratory infection on Sept. 2 before developing a cough and deciding to visit the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Mauer was also out of action for two months earlier while recovering from weakness and soreness in his legs.

The 2009 AL MVP played in only 82 games this season, batting .287 with 15 doubles, three home runs and 30 RBIs in 296 at-bats.