Loss to Dawson erased from Hopkins' record

Bernard Hopkins can now officially say he never lost to Chad Dawson, as the California State Athletic Commission changed the outcome of their October 15th title bout to a no decision.

Two months ago, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Hopkins was declared a technical knockout loser after Dawson drove him into the ground and separated his shoulder.

Hopkins could not continue due to the injury, but instead of ruling the fight a no-contest, referee Pat Russell said there was no foul by Dawson and ruled the bout a TKO.

Dawson captured the WBC light heavyweight belt as a result of the controversial decision, but less than a week later, after reviewing the tape, the WBC declared a technical draw and gave the title back to Hopkins.

On Tuesday, the California State Athletic Commission agreed with that assessment and the loss to the oldest champion in boxing history was stricken from the record.

"Justice was served today," Hopkins said. "I am thrilled that the California State Athletic Commission did the right thing and removed that loss from my record. Mistakes happen, but what you do to fix those mistakes is what counts."

Hopkins is currently rehabbing his shoulder and said he hopes to fight again early next year.