Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs thriller produced incredible stats; records tumble

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 54-51, in a historic thriller Monday night.

The game between the Rams and Chiefs was the first game in NFL history in which each team scored 50 points, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

The Chiefs became the first team to score 50 points and lose; teams scoring 50-plus points were 216-0 all-time before Monday night. The Chiefs also became the second team to score 40-plus points in both of their losses.

The combined 105 points between both teams was the third highest-scoring game since the NFL merged with the AFL, according to Pro Football Weekly. The last time a high scoring affair like this was seen was in 2004 when the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns combined for 106 points.

The Rams and Chiefs combined for 14 touchdowns –  one more than the Buffalo Bills, who are 3-7, have scored all season long, according to Yahoo Sports.

The personal stats for some Chiefs players continued.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was 33-for-46 with 478 passing yards and six touchdown passes. Mahomes’ touchdown mark is the most of any quarterback in Monday Night Football history, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Mahomes now has 37 touchdown passes on the season.

Mahomes is the second quarterback to throw at least five touchdowns and lose, according to National Fantasy Football Convention founder Andy Alberth. The last person to do so: Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo.

During the game, running back Kareem Hunt tied a 57-year-old record, according to ESPN. Hunt caught one touchdown pass from Mahomes in the game. Hunt now has seven rushing touchdown and seven receiving touchdowns in his first 11 games. The last player to do that was the Baltimore Colts’ Lenny Moore.

On the Rams side, linebacker Samson Ebukam became the first player to record a sack, an interception and multiple touchdowns since sacks became an official statistic in 1982, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Ebukam returned a fumble for a touchdown in the second quarter and had a pick six in the third quarter.

The Rams' 54 points in the game were the most since they defeated the then-San Diego Chargers 57-31 in 2000, according to SB Nation. The 2016 Rams only scored 54 points their final five games, according to ESPN.

With the win, the Rams are now the first team to hit the 10-win mark this season. The Chiefs fell to 9-2.