Long faces, but chins up for legions of USA fans in Brazil as World Cup squad bows out

It's all long faces but heads mostly held high for the legions of American fans in Brazil for the World Cup after the U.S. team bowed out against Belgium.

Upward of 20,000 people — mostly Americans — packed the golden sands of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro in front of a giant TV screen for Tuesday night's game.

The crowd's mood grew ever more tense as the tightly played match wore on to a scoreless draw in regulation time.

American optimism deflated after Belgium scored two goals in extra time, but then the U.S. made a spirited comeback try that fell short to end at 2-1.

Twenty-eight-year-old Travis Rood of Seattle says this World Cup is "a turning point" because other nations are starting to respect the American side.