By Steve Keating

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - With the distractions of another Manning Bowl behind them, quarterbacking brothers Peyton and Eli Manning can focus on the rest of a demanding NFL season that could end with the ultimate sibling showdown - at the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning showed no mercy to his younger brother as the Indianapolis Colts crushed the New York Giants 38-14 on Sunday to maintain a vice-like grip on the family bragging rights.

After a Week One loss to the Houston Texans, the Colts looked every bit the Super Bowl contenders they are expected to be this season as they overwhelmed the Giants, Peyton throwing for three touchdowns while a swarming Indianapolis defense harassed little brother Eli all night.

While the Mannings embraced the Manning Bowl II hype they were relieved to have it over with, although Peyton hinted at a game plan that might see them renew the family feud in February in Dallas on one of the sporting world's biggest stages.

Peyton said he and the Colts are prepared to do what they can to help Eli and the Giants and expects little brother to return the favor, starting next weekend when New York host Indy's AFC South rivals the Tennessee Titans.

"I think they (Giants) will be fine," Peyton told reporters. "They will be playing the Titans next week and we'll be pulling hard for them, hopefully they can help us out in the AFC South and we're going to do our best to help them when we play all these other NFC East teams.

"So I'm real proud of him and I love him."


Manning family reunions on the field are rare, Sunday's rout marking just the second time and first in four years they had stared across at each other from opposing sidelines.

When the brothers met in the first Manning Bowl in 2006, Peyton, who is five years older, was already well on his way to a Hall of Fame career while Eli was just beginning his third season and still undergoing intense on the job training.

But despite their impressive resumes, a Super Bowl-like build-up and a prime time television audience, Manning Bowl II failed to produce any drama as Peyton schooled Eli, delivering a quarterbacking master class.

Peyton Manning is known to sometimes wander over to the Colts defense during a game and ask them to turn up the heat on the opposing quarterback.

He might have wanted to ask them to dial it down a notch on Sunday, as Colts pass rushers had Eli scrambling for his life most of the night sacking the beleaguered Giants quarterback four times.

"He (Peyton) didn't say anything to me," smiled Colts sack master Dwight Freeney. "I'll have to give it to him (Peyton).

"He normally gives me a little tap, 'Get after that quarterback.'"

(Editing by Rex Gowar)