Johnson, Burleson eager to celebrate after last weekend's false alarm

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as long as he scores a touchdown that's allowed to stand, of course.

Johnson had what looked like a game-winning touchdown catch ruled incomplete last week in Chicago, a ruling that led to a lot of discussion this week about the NFL rule for completing a reception. The Detroit receiver was coy Friday when asked if he had anything planned for his team's home opener Sunday against Philadelphia.

"I've thought about it. You'll have to find out, though, if I get in the zone," Johnson said with a laugh.

Teammate Nate Burleson revealed a little more — but not much.

"We've been talking, chatting," Burleson told reporters. "Hopefully you guys will get to see it. I'm not going to give you any hints or clues as to what it is, but I know you guys will like it."

Against Chicago last weekend with his team trailing 19-14, Johnson leaped to snag a pass from Shaun Hill in the end zone and got both feet and a knee on the ground before putting the ball on the grass and beginning to celebrate. It was ruled incomplete because Johnson didn't maintain possession of the ball throughout the entire process of the catch.

The Bears held on to win.

"It's over with — 24-hour rule," Johnson said. "What happened last week doesn't have any effect on what happens this week."

Carl Johnson, the NFL's director of officiating, suggested the Detroit receiver might have been better off handing the ball to an official before celebrating. Calvin Johnson will no doubt be more careful next time, but the disappointment of last week doesn't appear to be holding him or Burleson back in their plans to have a little fun.

"This is what we do when we go home, if you guys are curious. We don't go home and get in the playbook," Burleson said jokingly. "We go home and look in the mirror and practice our end zone dances."

In a season in which the Cincinnati Bengals — with Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco — may try to corner the market on flashy celebrations, these two Detroit receivers are hoping to make their own mark.

"We've got better stuff than that. The Ochocincos and T.O.s, they've got the old school celebrations," Burleson said. "We've got the new school stuff."