Swiss horse master (is that what we call them?) Steve Guerdat won equestrian gold in individual show jumping on his horse Nino Des Buissonnets. Gerco Schroder of the Netherlands and Cian O’Connor of Ireland tied for second, which of course means it’s a jump-off.

Schroder won the jump-off, but of course he did, just look at the name of his horse – London. Like a horse named London wasn’t going to win a medal in London (well the horse doesn’t win the medal, but you get the idea). It hardly seems fair, but yes, in London a horse named London beat an Irishman. No word on if this type of horse naming chicanery gave Schroder an advantage or is even legal in the rough and tumble world of equestrian.

American Rich Fellers, who might have the most appropriate equestrian name of all time, finished in eighth on his horse Flexible.

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