Highlights of Football Legend Don Meredith's Professional Career

Don Meredith, one of the Dallas Cowboys' most memorable players and original cast member of ABC's "Monday Night Football" broadcast team died Sunday night from a brain hemorrhage. He was 72. Meredith played for the Cowboys from 1960-1968 and is known as one of the franchise's first stars. 

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    Don Meredith joined the Dallas Cowboys in 1960 and stayed with them until 1968. Even though Meredith was not named the starting quarterback until 1965, he is still one of the most recognizable players from the early Cowboys. 
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    Meredith threw for 17,199 years and 111 touchdowns during his career with the Cowboys. His retirement before the 1969 season was unexpected. 
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    Meredith was drafted in the third round by the Chicago Bears in 1960 and then traded to expansion Cowboys franchise for future draft pics. He went on to lead the Cowboys to three straight division titles and consecutive NFL Championships in 1966 and 1967. Dallas lost both games to Green Bay. 
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    "Dandy Don," as he was known, was named NFL Player of the Year after throwing a career-high 24 touchdown passes and 2,805 yards during the 1966 season. 
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    Meredith joined Howard Cosell, middle, and Frank Gifford, right, as part of the ABC "Monday Night Football" broadcast team. 
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    Meredith's signature call was singing the famous Willie Nelson song, "Turn Out the Lights," when the outcome of the game had become obvious. 
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    Meredith left ABC after the 1973 season, to join NBC for three years. He returned to the "Monday Night Football" crew in 1977 where he was known for his folksy sayings and country humor. 
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    Meredith leaves behind his wife Susan who told the Associated Press that "He was the best there was." "We lost a good one," she said. 
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