Guerrero denies being part of disco attack

Former major leaguer Vladimir Guerrero said he has surrendered to police after authorities contend he attacked a police officer in a disco. Guerrero denied being part of an attack.

Police said no charges have been filed against Guerrero following the mayhem in Nizao, about 40 miles from Santo Domingo.

Maximo Baez Aybar, a spokesman for the police in the Dominican Republic, maintained Guerrero "physically attacked" police officer Renato Pena Rojas after a brawl broke out in the disco. Baez Aybar asked that Guerrero turn himself in "so the case can be put in the hands of the justice system."

"At no time did I attack anyone, nor was I fleeing," Guerrero told The Associated Press. "I presented myself at the jail last night after the complaint from the disco, and this morning first thing I went to the police that are handling the case."

His lawyer, Polivio Rivas, added: "All that is being alleged is false. Vladimir did not attack anyone — absolutely no one. We're going to follow the process, but everything will be cleared up."

Guerrero, once one of the most feared hitters in baseball, is a free agent after finishing last season with the Baltimore Orioles.