Great Britain Wins Gold In Equestrian Team Jumping After Jump-Off With The Netherlands

Great Britain won its first equestrian team jumping gold medal in 60 years on Monday after winning a jump-off against the Netherlands.

Unfortunately a jump-off share no similarities with a jump ball in basketball, nor do the horses try to see who can jump the highest and grab an apple. After two rounds the Brits and Dutch were tied, and all four members of each team had to ride once more to determine a champion. The Netherlands fell apart in the jump-off with two horses knocking fences down and collecting penalties; their final rider did not even ride in the jump-off as Britain had already clinched gold. It was the first medal for Great Britain in team jumping since they took silver in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Saudi Arabia, who lead after the first round of jumping, claimed just its third medal in Olympic history, taking home the bronze.

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