Police made a drug bust at Texas Christian University on Wednesday morning, a sting which included the arrest of four football players.

The six-month investigation by Fort Worth and TCU Campus Police resulted in 17 students being taken into custody. The football players arrested are: linebacker Tanner Brock, offensive lineman Ty Horn, defensive back Devin Johnson and defensive lineman D.J. Yendrey.

The names of all four players have been removed from the roster on the team's official website.

Brock, an All-American candidate, missed almost the entire 2011 season due to injury. The junior led TCU in tackles (106) in 2010.

TCU head football coach Gary Patterson issued the following statement:

"There are days people want to be a head football coach, but today is not one of those days. As I heard the news this morning, I was first shocked, then hurt and now I'm mad.

"Under my watch, drugs and drug use by TCU's student-athletes will not be tolerated by me or any member of my coaching staff. Period. Our program is respected nationally for its strong ethics and for that reason the players arrested today were separated from TCU by the university. I believe strongly that young people's lives are more important than wins or losses.

"This situation isn't unique to TCU -- it is a global issue that we all have to address. This isn't just about bad decisions made by a small percentage of my team. It is about a bigger issue across this country and world.

"As a coach, I do the best I can to educate members of my team. We have programs in place that teach student-athletes about what they should and shouldn't do and how to be successful in life. I talk to them about how to be students and upstanding men that uphold the TCU name and its traditions.

"At the end of the day, though, sometimes young people make poor choices. The Horned Frogs are bigger and stronger than those involved."

The Horned Frogs, who have been a member of the Mountain West Conference, are set to join the Big 12 later this year.

University police chief Steve McGee revealed during a press conference that the drugs being sold in "hand-to-hand" sales included marijuana, cocaine, acid, ecstacy and prescription drugs. Students were arrested in different campus locations. Some of the students were members of fraternities.

TCU chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. issued the following statement in a release:

"TCU has never before experienced a magnitude of student arrests such as this. In fact, Campus Police records show only five student arrests related to drug law violations in recent years. I have asked our vice chancellor for student affairs, Dr. Kathy Cavins-Tull, to examine whether any new programs or procedures need to be implemented to curtail this type of behavior in the future. The Fort Worth Police Department also has offered to help in these efforts.

"Today's events have forever changed the lives of the involved students, and we hope they will find a healthy way to move forward. Also, the next couple of weeks will be tough for the TCU family. There is no doubt that it will hurt to see our name associated with this type of behavior. But we must not allow this moment to define us. We must remember that we are overwhelmingly a community of dedicated students, faculty and staff and focused on changing the world through our collective work and commitment to leadership."