Escaped Alabama fugitive busted trading gun for NASCAR tickets

An Alabama fugitive has been caught after attempting to trade a gun for a pair of tickets to the NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, according to a story posted on

Michael Lynn Sherer, 51, had escaped from jail where he was awaiting trial on murder charges after allegedly killing a man in his home. According to the story, Sherer approached vendors preparing for Sunday's Emory Healthcare 500. The vendors notified police that he tried to sell them a .22-caliber pistol. Before he was caught by police, he traded the gun for a pair of tickets to the race.

When approached by police, he identified himself using his alleged victim's name. Upon further questioning, he admitted his real name and was arrested on outstanding warrants relating to both his original charges and escaping the jail.

The gun, which was allegedly stolen from the homicide victim, has not been found.