Don Hooton rebukes Congress for 'grandstanding'; urges stronger action on steroids education

The father of a high school baseball player who died after using steroids has written to every member of Congress, criticizing the government's lack of funding for drug education programs.

Donald Hooton testified at the 2005 congressional hearings that featured Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and other major leaguers.

Taylor Hooton was 17 when he committed suicide in 2003. His parents think the suicide stemmed from depression that followed Taylor's decision to stop using steroids.

In a July 18 letter made available to The Associated Press, Donald Hooton writes: "After all the grandstanding before the TV cameras that day, our federal government has not instituted any form of education program for our children."

Hooton wants the appropriate federal agencies to become "bully pulpits" that will promote education programs about steroids.