Did Lolo Jones Clear The Olympic Village Hurdle?

American star Lolo Jones will attempt to clear a literal hurdle on the track, but did she get over the hurdle of being stuck in the Olympic village for a week?

Much has been made of Lolo Jones heading into the Olympics. Not so much because of her hurdling -- though she was so close in Beijing -- but the marketing blitz behind her. Aside from pushing products like McDonald's, she's told the world lots about herself in interviews, most notably that she plans to remain a virgin until she gets married.

That's a dangerous thing to say before the Olympics. Haven't you heard? The Olympic Village is the freakiest above-board traveling circus in the world! And Lolo was stuck there for a full week while she waited for her event?

There was no way we could talk so much about the debauchery of the Village and Jones' chastity without exploring how those two could coexist. Which is to say -- yes, "Bomani & Jones" went there, and we brought some lame pickup lines you haven't heard (or used) since high school.

At least I hope you haven't.