Curry fined for flopping

New York, NY ( - Stephen Curry, a week after being named NBA MVP, was fined $5,000 for flopping in the Golden State Warriors' Game 1 win over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday.

With 3:07 remaining in the game, Curry hit a 3 to put the Warriors up 106-97. While shooting, Rockets forward Terrence Jones brushed against Curry, who fell to the floor to embellish the contact.

Jones' teammates Corey Brewer and Jason Terry have also received flopping fines this postseason, as has Clippers forward Glen Davis.

Unlike the regular season, players do not receive a warning for flopping before incurring a fine. Curry was not cited for flopping during the regular season.

If the league determines he flops again this postseason, Curry will face escalating fines.