NASCAR has fined Bootie Barker and Frank Kerr, crew chiefs of the Nos. 13 and 47 Toyotas, respectively, $25,000 for parts that were not submitted for prior approval and $50,000 for unapproved ballast weight mounting in violation or Rule 20-2.3, according to multiple team sources.

Team owners Bob Germain of the No. 13 Toyota and Tad Geschickter of the No. 47 Toyota also received $50,000 fines for unapproved ballast weight and will be docked 50 driver/owner points. The penalty would knock Marcos Ambrose from 26th in points to 28th.

Pat Tryson and Rodney Childers, crew chiefs for the Michael Waltrip Racing Nos. 56 and 00, were also fined $25,000 for parts that were not submitted for prior approval.

"Certainly the 00 and the 56 will not appeal," said MWR team principal Cal Wells. "There are certain ways that NASCAR wants the garage to evolve as it relates to parts approval and this gives us a clearer line of sight on how parts need to be submitted for approval."

Calls to NASCAR were not immediately returned.