Another Olympic tradition unfolds even after the games themselves have ended: the "disappearance" of athletes from less-than-desirable global zip codes into the streets of the Games' host country.

This time the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon are the parties reporting missing athletes, with Cameroon missing five boxers, and the DRC missing an athlete and three coaches. Finding nine people in London should be simple as long as you get Jason Statham to beat information out of men in hats with Cockney accents. (This already sounds like a Guy Ritchie movie, so why not just make the logical conclusion as to how this ends.)

The DRC's missing delegation includes judoka Cedric Mandembo, who lost his only match in 79 seconds, presumably because he wanted to get it over with to then melt away into the crowds of London to be somewhere, anywhere, that is not the impoverished, war-torn sorrowscape that is the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you see a large man that looks like this in London, leave him be. He is a huge man who knows judo from a very tough place, and you are reading a blog.