NBA commissioner David Stern brought his case for punishing floppers before the league's new competition committee on Monday intent on figuring out how to discourage players from deceiving referees into calling fouls by falling down during play.

Stern announced his distaste for the practice before the start of the NBA Finals and took the next step by initiating a long discussion on the problem during a six-hour meeting in Miami.

The commissioner, who has said it would be too much to expect referees to determine cases of flopping on the spot, suggested that the league could evaluate such cases after studying videotape and retroactively mete out punishment.

The competition committee, which used to be comprised of the league's general managers, is now made up of three NBA coaches, two team owners and four general managers.

Among other issues discussed were proposals to expand instant replay for flagrant fouls and goaltending calls.

Any rules changes recommended by the committee would be put before the NBA Board of Governors, which is scheduled to meet in July.

(Reporting by Larry Fine; Editing by Ian Ransom)