Coming back: Nick Faldo can't resist the lure of Muirfield, where he won 2 of his Open titles

Nick Faldo had given up on the idea of playing truly competitive golf.

Then along came Muirfield.

Sir Nick is grabbing the clubs again for what will surely be his final British Open, lured in by the chance to play at a club just down the road from Edinburgh that has provided so many special memories.

Faldo won the first of his major titles at Muirfield in 1987. Five years later, he added his name to the claret jug again at the very same place. Both times, he wrapped up the title with pars on the 72nd hole.

Faldo will turn 56 on Thursday, the day of the opening round. He's barely played at all over the last three years, so just making the cut would be a major accomplishment.