By Timothy Collings

RUSTENBURG, South Africa (Reuters) - England manager Fabio Capello showed all his experience on Friday when he deflected a tricky verbal challenge in his first news briefing at the World Cup finals.

Asked by a reporter if he considered himself to be as strict, or stricter than other international soccer managers, he paused. "You have banned alcohol," he was reminded.

"I don't know. I have my own style to be a manager," he answered. "I like my players to train and to be very focused -- to work hard and to train hard, for 1-/1/2 half hours.

"And then they can have their time off and they can go where they want to go...They can play ping-pong, or go to the gym or go swimming. Tomorrow (Saturday), they are going to play golf."

Capello was asked about his contract with the English Football Association and how he felt about it being extended by two years to 2012.

"Yes," he said, seizing his moment to reveal a happy football marriage. "I saw (Club England chairman) David Richards and it is all okay. I am really happy because for this you need two parts, two sides, to be happy and now all is fine."

In answering, he glided elegantly clear of all suggestions that the FA may have been premature in offering him an extension before, rather than after, England had taken part in the World Cup finals.

Instead, he confirmed more "good news" when he said that the new British Prime Minister David Cameron had contacted him.

"Yes, he did and he said he wished us good luck for the finals," he said, with a half smile. "Always you need luck, of course."

(Editing by John Mehaffey)