Another of the four former football Vanderbilt players who allegedly raped an unconscious student in a dormitory has been released from jail.

Jail records show 19-year-old Cory Batey, of Nashville, bonded out on Friday, a week after he was arrested.

Batey's bail was set at $350,000. Bail bond companies usually require inmates to pay 10 percent. At a bond source hearing on Friday, the judge allowed Batey to pay $25,000.

District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Susan Niland said prosecutors opposed the change.

Batey, 20-year-old Brandon Vandenburg, of Indio, Calif., and 19-year-old Brandon Banks, of Brandywine, Md., face arraignment on Aug. 21.

Nineteen-year-old Jaborian McKenzie, of Woodville, Miss., has pleaded not guilty and waived the right to appear at arraignment.

Vandenburg remains jailed on $350,000 bond. McKenzie and Banks bonded out previously.