Agent slapped in Dumervil matter

Sports agent Marty Magid was suspended for six months and fined $25,000 by the NFL Players Association on Tuesday in connection with a much-publicized scandal regarding contract negotaitions between the Denver Broncos and Elvis Dumervil, FOX Sports has learned.

The Broncos thought in March that they had reached agreement with Magid and Dumervil on a restructured contract to lower the defensive end's 2013 base salary from $12 million to $8 million.

But -- the Broncos said -- Magid failed to have the signed deal faxed back to the team before a contractual deadline. The team said the fax arrived seven minutes late. Magid has said the contract was faxed ahead of the deadline but did not arrive until several minutes later.

Denver then released Dumervil to avoid having to guarantee payment of the $12 million salary.

Magid, who represents multiple NFL players, led by Ravens running back Bernard Pierce, will appeal the suspension. Magid had already retained a lawyer in the matter back in March.

"The NFLPA's imposition of discipline is ill-advised and its announcement of discipline before Marty exhausts his appeal rights is indefensible," Magid's attorney David Cornwell wrote in a statement sent to FOX Sports.

"The NFLPA knows discipline is stayed pending the appeal and trying to circumvent the appeal process with a premature announcement of discipline is unconscionable. Marty will appeal. Marty will win.

"The discipline will not stand. The NFLPA made general and unsupportable assertions of negligence against Marty and then ignored or created facts to support its disciplinary decision. Marty represented Elvis Dumervil's interests effectively and consistent with the standards imposed on him by the NFLPA's agent regulations. We are confident our arbitrator will agree."

Dumervil -- one of the NFL's top pass rushers -- fired Magid after the snafu. Dumervil later signed a five-year, $26.5 million contract with Baltimore that included $8.5 million in guaranteed money.

The NFLPA's Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline (CARD) ruled that Magid's negligence contributed to Dumervil's release. The players union also determined that Magid violated revisions of its regulations governing contract advisers.

The Magid ruling does not prevent the NFLPA from pursuing action against the Broncos regarding Dumervil's release. The union may file a grievance claiming the Broncos violated the collective-bargaining agreement as well as Dumervil's rights under that labor pact.

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