A Look Back at Olympics Past

FoxNews.com takes a look back at memorable Olympic moments.

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    1948 Ice Skating Team

    Members of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating teams glide over the ice in preparation for the Winter Olympics. The 1948 Winter Games were held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. From January 30 - February 8, 28 nations participated in the games. A total of 592 men and 77 women competed.
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    1924 World Champion Skater

    Eleven-year-old Sonja Henie and world champion skater Gilles Grafstrom, are shown on ice skates at the Olympic Games in Chamonix, France, in 1924. Henie won gold in the 1928, 1932, and 1936 Winter Olympic Games. Grafstrom, seven-year world champion, won the Olympic gold medal in 1920, 1924, and 1928. The 1924 Olympics in Chamonix, France were held on January 25- February 5. 16 nations participated, with a total of 247 men and just 11 women.
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    1928 Winter Olympics Poster

    This photograph shows the official logo of the Second Winter Olympic Games. The 1928 Winter Games were held in St. Moritz, Switzerland on February 11 - February 19. 25 nations participated, with a total of 438 men and 26 women.
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    1932 Olympics, Held in N.Y.

    The Olympic Stadium at Lake Placid, N.Y., where the opening of the third Winter Olympic Games will be held, is shown in 1932.  Lake Placid, N.Y. was the home to the 1932 Winter Olympics.   17 nations participated, with 231 men and 21 women.
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    1936 Winter Games

    Members of the U.S. Olympic teams march behind the American flag into the ski stadium during opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. The 1936 Winter Games were held on February 6- February 16. 28 nations participated, with a total of 566 men and 80 women.
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    1948 Games at Wembley Stadium

    General view of the opening ceremonies after the releasing of the doves, at the Olympic games at Wembley Stadium in London, July 29, 1948. 
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    1956 Skiing

    Austria's Toni Sailer, a 21-year-old plumber, displays his ski wizardry as he takes to the air during his winning run in the men's downhill Olympic ski championship in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy, on February 3, 1956.  Toni became the miracle man of the skis as he rang up an unprecedented alpine grand slam having previously won the giant and special slalom races.  The 1956 games were held in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy on January 26 - February 5.  A total of 821 men and 687 women competed.   
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    1960 Winter Games

    Carol Heiss comes out of a spin during the figure skating competition of the VIII Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley, Ca. on Feb. 23, 1960. She won America's first gold medal of the 1960 Winter Games.  
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    1968 Hockey

    Canada's Marshall Johnston, right, jumps for joy after he scored with an assist from Terry O?Malley, left, during the United States Vs. Canada Olympic ice hockey game in Grenoble, France.  Donald Ross (5) of the U.S. stands in front of U.S. goalie Patrick Rupp.  Canada won 3-2.  
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    1976 Winter Olympic Games

    United States figure skater Dorothy Hamill seen in action during the 1976 Winter Olympic games held in Innsbruck, Austria. She displays the style which won her a gold medal. 
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    1972 Winter Olympics

    General view of the outdoor stadium for March 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan.
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    1988 Ice Skating Champs

    Jill Watson of Bloomington, Ind., and Peter Oppegard of Knoxville, Tenn., proudly show off the bronze medals they won at the pair figure skating competition in Calgary, Canada on Feb. 16, 1988. 
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    1988, 15th Winter Games

    A rehearsal for the opening ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 7, 1988 in Calgary.  The 15th Winter Games on February 13 - February 18 were the longest held ever Winter Olympics. 
    1988 AP
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    1984 Olympic Hockey Game

    U.S. ice hockey player AL Lafrate, of Livonia Mich. is checked at the wall by Czech player Jiri Lala while teammate Jiri Hrdina gets away with the puck during the Olympic hockey game in Sarajevo.
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    1984 Opening Ceremony

    Photo shows Opening Ceremony of the Olympics XIV Winter Games at Kosevo Stadium on Feb. 8, 1984 in Sarajevo. (AP Photo/Pete Leabo)
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    1980 Winter Olympic Hockey Play

    Japan's goalie Takeshi Iwamoto and defense man Hitoshi Nakamura stop an attack from Poland's forward Stefan Chowaniec during Winter Olympic hockey play in Lake Placid, N.Y., Feb. 20, 1980.  
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    1994, Tonya Harding

    American figure skater Tonya Harding performs in the women's technical program at Hamar Olympic Amphitheatre in Lillehammer, Norway, Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1994 in the XVII Winter Olympics.  
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    1992, Kristi Yamaguchi

    U.S. figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi glides across the ice, preparing for the evening's free program of the women's figure skating event at the XVI Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. 
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    1992, Nancy Kerrigan

    Nancy Kerrigan of the U.S. slips during the free skating portion of the women's figure skating competition at the XVI Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France, Friday, Feb. 21, 1992.  
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    2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

    Hannu Manninen of Finland competes in the Nordic Combined Individual K90 ski jump at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in Park City, Utah, Saturday, Feb. 9, 2002.  
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