Facing Reality: Choice

'Facing Reality: Choice' is a work of bold, powerful and original reporting. None of the program was scripted. No-one knew in advance how any of the stories would end. Some of it may be shocking. But only you will be in a position to decide


  • Kayla's Story

    Part 1: 20-year-old studying to be a cosmetologist meets 24-year-old Billy with killer eyes
  • Jeanine's Story

    Part 2: The 29-year-old drug user has already given birth to 5 children. We meet her when she's pregnant with her sixth
  • Brooke's Story

    Part 3: 26-year-old mother struggles to become pregnant with second child. But when she does, bad news follows
  • Kayla's Dilemma

    Part 4: Keep the child or choose abortion?
  • Jeanine's Choice

    Part 5: Jeanine miscarries but soon finds herself pregnant again
  • Brooke's Decision

    Part 6: Brooke faces the reality of giving birth to a fatally ill child
  • Conclusion

    Part 7: Jeanine, Brooke and Kayla talk about their choice


  • 'Facing Reality'

    FOX News looks at abortion through eyes of women forced to choose
  • Jeanne's Dilemna

    Jeanne's dilemna...can she raise another baby?
  • Sixth Pregancy

    Jeanne's pregnant for sixth time and is not sure who the father is
  • Jeanne Contemplates Abortion

    Jeanne meets up with her friends who tell her to keep her baby but then she makes a call to an abortion clinic
  • We Want More Kids

    Brooke and Tom have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years
  • Life-Threatening Disease

    4 months pregnant, Brooke's doctors tell her that there her baby may have a life-threatening disease
  • Brooke and Tom Get the Call

    Brooke and Tom are told that their baby has Trisomy 18, a disease that almost zero percent of babies survive
  • Killer Eyes

    20-year-old Kayla, a young woman putting herself through cosmetology school and falls for a dreamy-eyed 24 year old
  • Single and Pregnant

    Kayla gets pressure from her friends and family to get an abortion