Foods You Can't Buy in the United States

Find something else to munch on...these foods are off limits in the United States.


Kinder Egg

The German candy egg consists of a milk chocolate shell, followed by a layer of white chocolate and finally a surprise toy in the middle. Sounds delicious right?

Well you can't have one. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the treat saying the toy inside is a choking hazard and unsafe for children.

This chocolate treat is just one of a few foods banned in the United States. Check out what else won't be on your grocery list.


casu marzu

Casu Marzu

Fly larvae are introduced into Pecorino to help advance the fermentation process of the traditional Sardinian cheese. Once the larvae hatch, they eat their way through the cheese to soften it.

Technically illegal in Italy, as well as the United States, underground Sicilian gourmands who take their chances have to eat it before the maggots die or else they might too. If you're one of them, the local way to eat it is over flatbread accompanied by a strong red wine.

Even if this cheese wasn't banned, we wouldn't want to eat it!


ortolan bird


This tiny bird (it weighs less than one ounce!) has long been a favorite delicacy for food connoisseurs in France. Unfortunately the wild singsong bird was so popular that several countries in Europe had to declare it a protected species.

Although the sale of Ortolan is illegal in France, many simply cannot help themselves to the delicious dish. However, when they do indulge themselves, they cover their head with a napkin to enjoy their meal in privacy.

Former french president, Fran├žois Mitterrand, caused quite a stir when he served the illegal bird at his famous "last meal" before he died of prostate cancer in 1996.

Smuggling this forbidden feast into the United States is illegal.




Dr. Pepper made its own version of the European champagne-flavored soft drink in the 1960's, but the chemical used as its sweetner, sodium cyclamate, was quickly banned and so came the end of Pommac in the United States.

Considering how poorly the drink sold, we don't think anyone was too upset.

Dr Pepper

sea turtle

Sea Turtle Soup

Abraham Lincoln served the delicacy at his 1861 inauguration. A former symbol of high status in England, sea turtles, a protected species, are no longer allowed to be killed for their meat, or to steal their eggs. It is illegal to import all sea turtle products in the United States.

No more sea turtle soup for you!


Foods You Can't Buy in the United States

Find something else to munch on...these foods are off limits in the United States.

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