Zoo babies: Cute new arrivals

Spring has sprung and the sunnier weather marks the perfect time for a cuteness overload on your computer screen. From baby giraffes to a 'joey' koala to an infant echidna, here are 10 of the cutest baby zoo animals to brighten your day. 

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    Orangutan, Zoo in Berlin

    Check out Rieke, a three-week-old female orangutan. Here is Rieke being shown off to the media during an event at the Zoo in Berlin Feb. 6, 2015.
    REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
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    Sri Lankan baby leopards, zoo in Maubeuge

    Here are two unnamed female Sri Lankan female baby leopards. This cuddly twosome are pictured at a zoo in Maubeuge Aug. 12, 2014.
    REUTERS/Yves Herman
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    Koala, zoo in Duisburg, Germany

    This baby koala "joey" is held up to its mother, Eola (R). The Australian pair are pictured in a zoo in the western German city of Duisburg on Jan. 22, 2014.
    REUTERS/Ina Fassbender
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    Bonus pic: Koala, again

    We couldn't resist including another shot of the baby koala. Pictured at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany.
    REUTERS/Ina Fassbender
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    Kangaroo, zoo in Duisburg, Germany

    Meet Bennett, an albino baby kangaroo. Bennett is being carried by his mother at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany June 22, 2012.
    REUTERS/Ina Fassbender
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    Hippo, Prague Zoo

    Check out this sweet newborn hippo at its enclosure at the Prague Zoo June 8, 2011.
    REUTERS/David W Cerny
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    Gorilla, Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Illinois

    This two-day old female western lowland gorilla nuzzles up to her mother Koola. The pair are in their enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois Nov. 6, 2013.
    REUTERS/Jim Young
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    Giraffe, Royev Ruchey zoo in Siberia

    This three-week-old giraffe cub feeds at the Royev Ruchey zoo in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia Nov. 6, 2014.
    REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin
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    Elephant, Budapest Zoo, Budapest, Hungary

    This one week old baby Asian elephant stands next to its mother at the Budapest zoo in Hungary Feb. 21, 2013.
    REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh
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    Echidna, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

    This might be the strangest animal featured -- meet Bo, a 55-day-old baby Echidna, otherwise known as a "puggle." Bo is pictured at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia Nov. 1, 2012.
    REUTERS/Tim Wimborne
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    Owl-faced monkey, zoo in Antwerp, Belgium

    Last but not least: Here's a one-month old baby owl-faced monkey, under the watchful care of its mother, Jimmel. These two are seen at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium April 10, 2014.
    REUTERS/Yves Herman
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