Supermoon lunar eclipse in pictures

Stargazers around the world received a treat on Sunday thanks to the rare celestial phenomenon of a blood-red ‘supermoon’ eclipse. A supermoon occurs when a new or full moon is at its closest to the Earth. Sunday’s was only the sixth supermoon eclipse since 1900. The next supermoon eclipse will occur in 2033.


    Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

    A supermoon is seen in the sky in Port-of-Spain, Sept. 27, 2015. Sky-watchers around the world were treated when the shadow of Earth cast a reddish glow on the moon, the result of rare combination of an eclipse with the closest full moon of the year. (REUTERS/Andrea De Silva)

    Sydney, Australia

    A surfer catches a wave on his board as a super moon rises in the sky off Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia, Sept. 28, 2015. The astronomical event occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit, making it appear much larger and brighter than usual. (REUTERS/David Gray)

    Oslo, Norway

    The total "supermoon" lunar eclipse is seen from Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway Sept. 28, 2015. (REUTERS/Haakon Mosvold Larsen/NTB Scanpix)

    Malmo, Sweden

    The supermoon appears above the Turning Torso building during a total lunar eclipse in Malmo, south of Sweden Sept. 28, 2015. (REUTERS/Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency)

    Brussels, Belgium

    A supermoon appears behind a house after a total "supermoon" lunar eclipse in Brussels Sept. 28, 2015. (REUTERS/Yves Herman)
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