Farmer claims his huge 6-foot, 5-inch cow is bigger than giant viral sensation Knickers

Mooooove over Knickers - there's a new cow in town.

A Canadian farmer claims his super steer is an inch taller than the viral 6ft 4 Aussie cow which has been hogging the headlines.

Karl Schoenrock says his own steer Dozer is just over 6-foot-5, calling him a "gentle giant."


Australian cow, Knickers, became a viral sensation after a video emerged of him towering above other farm beasts.

The enormous 1.4-tonne beast which has been saved from getting the chop at the abattoir, won social media fame, and could suffer a rare genetic condition.

But Dozer's owners say he can pull the udder one.

Karl, and his wife Raelle, who run Kismet Creek Farm in Manitoba, decided to see how their bovine measured up.

(Credit: Kismet Creek Farm)

(Credit: Kismet Creek Farm)

To their surprise he had grown two inches taller than the last time they sized him up - and he might even be the world's biggest.

“He’s just the friendliest animal,” Schoenrock said.

“He’s not very intimidating at all, except for his size. If you stood next to him he’ll just lay down next to you.”

Like Knickers from down under, Dozer was saved from being turned into burgers and steaks - although you'd get a lot out of him.

Butchers say Knickers alone would produce around 1,400 lbs of trimmed 'saleable' beef  - enough for 450 cuts of steak and 370kg of mince.

Dozer ended up at Schoenrock’s farm — an animal sanctuary and petting farm — when a vegan woman bought and saved the then-6-month-old calf from a beef-producing farm in Alberta.

Knickers made rounds on social media this week after video surfaced showing the steer towering over the other cattle at a farm in Myalup, Western Australia.

He weighs over 3,000 pounds and, if slaughtered, would make more than 1,400 pounds of ground beef.

Dozer and Knickers are both Holstein Friesian steers, a dairy breed.

On average, the breed’s bulls reach just 5-foot-10 and 2,200 pounds.

(Credit: Kismet Creek Farm)

(Credit: Kismet Creek Farm)

Neither animal is a cow but steers - male bovines that have been castrated.

Unlike Knickers, Dozer doesn’t have smaller breeds to tower over in pictures, but he does share the farm with two other steers.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.