17 things that fell from the sky

It's raining frogs and toads! Beyond normal precipitation and the occasional meteorite, the heavens have sometimes unleashed upon us the truly weird. For even more fascinating facts, check out Listomania.

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    Meat (US - 1876) Falling chunks of meat over Kentucky were identified - by brave souls who tasted theme - as mutton or venison. It's theorized that the meat came from vomiting vultures.
    National Institutes of Health
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    Blue Ice (US - 2002) Numerous reports have been made of "blue ice" (frozen bathroom waste) falling from airplanes. In this case, a Pennsylvania home was blanketed with it.
    Adrian Pingstone
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    Unidentified Blood (Colombia - 2008) Citizens of Choco reported red rain, and a scientist confirmed that the mysterious liquid was blood. Local priests held that this phenomenon might be a warning from God.
    Crystal Bloomington
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    Huge Ball of Ice (Brazil - 2005) No one is sure why "megacryometeors" exist, but they've fallen in sizes ranging from 1 pound (0.5 kg) to one behemoth (not pictured), which weighed 440 pounds (200 kg) and crashed through a factory roof.  
    Andreas Tille
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    Spiders (Argentina - 2007) A rain of spiders, each about 4 inches (10 cm) across, fell in the Salta province. This horrifying event is notable because it was captured on film.
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    Frozen Squid (Falkland Islands - 1997) A Korean fisherman in the water off the Falklands spent two days in a coma after a single frozen squid dropped out of the sky, knocking him unconscious.
    Hans Hillewaert
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    Jelly (Scotland - 2009) Jelly-like blobs have rained down on a number of regions around the glob, including the Scottish moors. No one knows what they are.
    Gisela Francisco
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    Shellfish (England - 1881) A thunderstorm over Worcester in the south of England showered several tons of hermit crabs and periwinkles (a snail-like mollusk).
    H. Zell
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    Toads (France - 1794) Vast numbers of toads fell on soldiers camped near the village of Lalain. Of all strange rains, frogs and toads are the most common curiosities to fall from the sky.
    Janek Pfeifer
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    Money (Germany - 1976) Bank notes totaling US $1,450 fluttered over Limburg and were picked up by two clergymen. Cash showers have gone down in Russia, the United States, and elsewhere.
    US Government
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    Bird's Blood (Italy - 1890) Birds' blood rained down on a town in Calabria. It's theorized that birds were torn apart by high winds, but there were no such winds, and no pieces of birds fell.
    JJ Harrison
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    Frogs (Greece - 1981) A species of small green frogs native to North Africa came down unexpectedly on the citizens of Nafplion, a city in southern Greece.
    Evan L.G.
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    Colored Rain (India - 2006) Red rain has been reported occasionally in Kerala since the 1800s. The coloration is caused by algae spores, but no one has ever discovered a good explanation for why they rain from the sky.
    REUTERS/Vivek Prakash
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    Fish (Singapore - 1861) Following an earthquake, numerous fish as long as 12 inches (30 cm) poured from the heavens. The connection to the earthquake has never been explained.
    AP Photo/Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Curtis Compton
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    Enormous Meteorite (China - 1976) "Meteorite 1," now on display at the Jilin Meteorite Museum in Jilin City, weighs 2 tons (1,800 kg). It is one of nearly 170 other meteorites that fell near Jilin.
    JLS Museum
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    Cows  (Russia - 1997) Claims that a Japanese fishing boat was destroyed by falling cows prompted fraud accusations. Some proposed that the cows had been dropped from a cargo plane.
    Daniel Schwen
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    Tasmanians in a small town awoke one morning to find it coated in slime. They now celebrate the anniversary of "Slime Day" each year by throwing jelly.
    Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
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