4 Trains Carrying 2,000 People Were Stuck Overnight Under English Channel

Saturday , December 19, 2009



Passengers have described how they opened emergency doors themselves to escape broken down Eurostar trains after becoming stranded in the Channel Tunnel, Sky News reported.

Some 2,000 travelers were trapped in four trains for 10 hours overnight in a "complete nightmare" ordeal.

Conditions were described as "awful" with some passengers left without light, air-conditioning, food or water.

One passenger said travellers on one carriage became so fed up they opened the emergency doors and left the train.

Lee Godfrey, who was traveling back from Disneyland Paris with his family, said: "We were without power. We ran out of water, we ran out of food and there was very very poor communication from the staff.

"We lost air-conditioning when we lost the power. We had to open the emergency doors ourselves. The evacuation procedure we followed was one that we set down ourselves."

"We have had children asleep on the floor, they have been sick. It has been a complete nightmare."

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