China Shuts Down 91 'Vulgar' Web Sites

Tuesday , January 13, 2009



China's crackdown on "vulgar" Web sites continued over the weekend, with officials saying nearly 100 mostly small-scale sites had been shut down.

"Ninety-one Web sites that included pornography and vulgar content had been closed down from January 8 to 10," stated the government run "China" portal (, according to Reuters.

Many of the sites appear to have been pornography-related or engaged in Web-based scams, but at least one was a blog portal that posted the writings of political dissidents. founder Luo Yonghao confirmed on an outside blog that the site had been shut down due to the "amount of political harmful information."

Some of Bulldog's bloggers were signatories to the "08 Charter," which demands freedoms of expression and association as well as free elections.

Beijing has lately criticized Google, MSN and China's own Baidu portal and search engine, but none of them were shut down.

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