Kucinich Tries to Impeach Bush Again

Friday , July 11, 2008



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E.D HILL, HOST: Dennis Kucinich is back. He is still pushing for a Bush impeachment. And this time, he is getting more encouragement than he did last time around. The former Democratic presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman is getting some surprising encouragement on the impeachment resolution from Nancy Pelosi today. The House speaker suggested that the House Judiciary Committee may hold, quote, "some hearings on the resolution."

Kucinich's impeachment efforts so far have been unsuccessful. So is this a sign that something may change, be different? Congressman Dennis Kucinich joins us now. Thank you for being here.

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (D-OH): Thank you very much.

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HILL: Why do you think that it may have a chance? I understand you brought 30 articles of impeachment last time — just one this time. What happened to the other 29?

KUCINICH: Well, this article that — I just came from the Florida House so — where I introduced it. It is very narrowly focused. It's about the communication that the president made to the Congress, a specific message asking for Congress to pass an authorization for the use of force, in which certain representations were made that would induce Congress to vote for the legislation. And categorically, the key representations that were made were false, I stated so, and provided the sources for my article on the floor of the House just moments ago.

HILL: So did you pick the article you thought was the strongest and then just decide to go with that one this time?

KUCINICH: Well, I'll tell you what — yes, let me tell you what the title of it is. It says that Article 1, deceiving Congress with fabricated threats of Iraq's WMDs to fraudulently obtain support for an authorization for the use of military force against Iraq.

So what I said is that all of the talk about weapons of mass destruction — nuclear weapons, biological, chemical weapons — they were false. And the White House had information that indicated that they knew that they were false and they proceeded anyway, so there has to be an accounting. We have to protect our constitution. This country must rely on truth in our communications to the people. And so this process of impeachment will, hopefully, help produce the truth.

HILL: This is one of the times where that the goings on Washington baffle me — many times, they do. But maybe you can help me sort this one out. Last time you brought this up, the Republicans voted to bring it to the floor to actually discuss it. The Democrats voted to basically push it into the closet in a committee. Why?

KUCINICH: I think the Republicans were basically daring the Democrats to move forward with it, sensing that there were some in the Democratic leadership who, at the time, had no stomach for a real debate. But I think that's changed, and I think it's changed because the war grinds on. We have 160,000 troops there. We have — over 4,160 troops have lost their lives. Tens of thousands are injured. The cost of the war go over $3 trillion, and a million innocent Iraqis dead.

I think as people come to accept the enormity of this, they're saying, "Wait a minute, maybe we should find out if that strip was necessary — if, in fact, the war was based on something other than the truth.

HILL: All right. Rep. Kucinich, thank you for spending time with us.

KUCINICH: Thank you very much.

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