Poll: One-Third of Americans Believe U.S. Aided 9/11

Thursday , August 03, 2006

By John Gibson



How much hate is there for George Bush in the country today?

A ton.

Just look at the drubbing Rumsfeld took today at a Senate hearing. This was all about the war.

Hillary Clinton had to bash Rummy — Bush's proxy for this war — even though she voted for the war and still supports it.

But even a war supporter has to show he or she doesn't like Bush and his cohorts.

Then there is the new poll from Scripps Howard, the news chain. It shows that one-third of Americans now believe the U.S. government had something to do with the 9/11 attacks.

This madness has long been afoot among the America haters in Europe and Canada and Arab nations. A best-selling book in France started it. Another in Germany contributed to this notion that the 9/11 attacks were not the work of Usama bin Laden, but instead it was George Bush. This notion has gained considerable currency despite the fact that bin Laden has admitted he did it.

Now they say, "Hey, the bin Laden tapes were faked." They also say the Twin Towers couldn't have been brought down by the two hijacked jets, that it must have been demolition explosives planted in the building by the U.S. government. They say the attack on the Pentagon was U.S. missiles, not American Flight 77.

You say, "Well, where is Flight 77? Where are the people that were on board?"

I have personally interviewed every major purveyor of this garbage. None of them have an answer to the Flight 77 question — just more empty-headed questions that lead to truly sick conclusions that somehow Bush attacked his own country on 9/11.

The truth is: People don't believe the 9/11 story because they hate George Bush and don't believe anything he says.

If he says Usama did 9/11, they don't believe it. If he says the Twin Towers were felled by two hijacked jetliners, they don't believe it. If Bush says there were 19 hijackers and they took four airliners and crashed all four in the largest attack on American soil ever, they don't believe it.

So now we have one-third of the American people as blinded by hate as many Europeans and many Canadians and many Arabs. They're so blinded they cannot see or hear the hundreds if not thousands of experts who have told them exactly what happened on 9/11.

Instead they rush to so-called evidence and so-called investigations that are much closer to alien spaceships than they are to observable and verifiable fact.

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