Christian Youth Ready to 'Redeem the Vote'

Thursday , October 21, 2004




A new group is reaching out to young evangelical Christians hesitant to "rock the vote."

For years, pop stars, actors and rappers have urged young people to get politically active through the Rock the Vote (search) campaign. But not all young adults share the values of those celebrities. That prompted an Alabama doctor to reach out to an estimated 2 million evangelical Christian youth in America through Redeem the Vote (search).

"All the polls show that there's only 1 or 2 percentage points in many states across the country that are going to decide this election, and I think that's all the more reason why people of faith need to be involved in this process," says Redeem the Vote founder Dr. Randy Brinson.

Christian radio stations and musicians are teaming up with Redeem the Vote, which claims to have registered more than 70,000 members.

Even Jesus is lending a hand. Jim Caviezel (search), star of "The Passion of the Christ," appears in a video message for Redeem the Vote that has been shown in many churches across the country. In the video, which is also available on the Internet, the actor encourages young Christians to head to the polls.

"Christianity and beliefs in God and things like that are a big influence in their decision-making process when they go to vote," says 20-year-old Alan Colgrove, a junior in college and first-time voter.

Although conservative by nature, Redeem the Vote is registered as a nonpartisan organization. Leaders say today's Christian youth are more concerned about political issues than political parties — issues such as jobs, gay marriage, religious expression and the War on Terror.

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