Wooing Latino voters: Non-Hispanic politicians who speak Spanish

These politicians have used Spanish to relate to their actual or would-be constituents, by putting their bilingual skills to use on the campaign trail or while in office. 

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    Michael Bloomberg Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg studied Spanish for over 10 years with a private instructor. He always ended his press conferences with a brief summary in Spanish.
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    Tim Kaine Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine is fluent in Spanish and spent time living in Honduras. He has been incorporating Spanish language words and phrases throughout the campaign trail.
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    Mike Coffman In 2014, Colorado Representative Mike Coffman participated in Colorado’s first Spanish-language congressional debate, against Democrat Andrew Romanoff. The congressman prepared for the debate with a tutor, practiced with Rosetta Stone, and watched TV in Spanish.
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    Bill De Blasio New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio studied Latin American politics at Columbia University and learned Spanish when he supported the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. He is known for incorporating Spanish words and phrases in his speeches.
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    Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush is fluent in Spanish. He regularly speaks to Spanish-language media and latinos in Spanish. He taught English in central Mexico when he was 17, where he met his wife, Columba.
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    Andrew Romanoff Former Colorado House of Representatives member Andrew Romanoff is fluent in Spanish and lived in Nicaragua and Costa Rica after college, where he taught English classes. He has participated in interviews in Spanish and participated in Colorado’s first Spanish-language congressional debate against Congressman Mike Coffman.
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    David Dewhurst Former Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, learned Spanish in the 1970s while he was working in Bolivia for the CIA. In 2012, during his run for the U.S. Senate, Dewhurst challenged Ted Cruz to a debate in Spanish.
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