White House pushes ObamaCare-themed e-cards for Mother's Day

Not even Mother's Day could be shielded from election-year politics.

The White House on Sunday released specially tailored e-cards touting the benefits for moms of the federal health care overhaul, urging people to send the card around to "show some appreciation for the mom in your life."

The e-card, posted on the White House website for any and all to download and share, is titled: "Happy Mother's Day From The Affordable Care Act."

It goes on to say, "Being a mom isn't a pre-existing condition."

The text of the card lists a string of stats about how women benefit under the health care overhaul, which is now the subject of a Supreme Court challenge. The card says that while insurers before the overhaul could "deny coverage for women with pre-existing conditions like breast cancer or pregnancy," they will be prohibited from denying coverage over any pre-existing condition starting in 2014.

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The card also cites the millions of women who gained "expanded preventive services with no cost-sharing" last year.

"As rewarding as being a mom can be, it sure isn't easy. That's part of why the Obama administration is taking steps to level the playing field for mothers and their families," the White House said in an email Sunday referring people to the card -- as well as another e-card honoring military spouses.

The unusual White House greeting cards come as the administration's signature domestic policy achievement waits in judicial limbo. The Supreme Court is expected to rule in the coming months on the constitutionality of the law, a decision that would land in the middle of the presidential campaign.

Alongside the greeting cards Sunday, the campaigns of both Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney took separate cracks at a Mother's Day pitch.

Obama's campaign site featured a banner up top asking supporters to "Wish Michelle a Happy Mother's Day," later asking supporters to donate money.

Romney's website was emblazoned with an appeal to sign up for free "Moms Drive the Economy" campaign bumper stickers.

Romney also released a Mother's Day statement referring readers to a USA Today column his wife Ann wrote, and recalling his tradition of giving Ann lilacs every year for the holiday.

The campaign posted a web video tribute as well in which their sons recalled memories from childhood of their mother.