When at a pub in Ireland, it would surely be deemed sacrilegious to deny yourself a pint of Guinness, especially if you're the president of the United States reconnecting with your distant Irish relatives. So when visiting his great, great, great grandfathers hometown of Moneygall Monday, the president was determined to not only drink a pint, but do to it justice.

The president was joined in his venture at the Ollie Hayes pub by his eighth cousin Henry Healy, whom Mr. Obama affectionately calls "Henry the Eighth," as well as first lady Michelle Obama and a large group of locals. While chatting with the pub's fourth generation owner, the president was clear: he did not want to screw this up. He asked whether the beer needed to settle a bit and was told that would be best.

"I want to get it perfect," the president said. Apparently, it was. After a large gulp, Mr. Obama sang the beers praises, "it tastes so much better here than in the United States. You're keeping all the best stuff here."

The first lady also had some Guinness, but it could hardly be called a "pint." Her glass was quite miniature in comparison.

There were cheers all around as the president worked on his brew with a few more healthy swigs.

The president must truly have felt the Irish spirit, as he later proclaimed at a Dublin rally, "My name is Barack Obama of the Moneygall Obamas."

He added, "I feel even more at home after that pint that I had."